who we are

Since its inception in 1983, Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, has been a beacon in the community and has made it their mission to promote and to be a living example of the truth. It strives to empower individuals through innovative teachings, lectures, and programming to foster personal & community responsibility for positive social change.

For generations, individuals have struggled to make their reality complicit with their beliefs and expectation in God. Please click here to read our statement of destined purpose to find hope and inspiration of how to arrive at true spiritual freedom by understanding where mankind strayed.

Won’t you join Selara R. Mann, Jr. and the Exacting Truth congregation, as we push back the frontiers of ignorance that have allowed man’s religious rites and dogma to rob mankind of a “true” faith walk with the Christ for millennia! Be not dismayed, for restoration has finally come!

First of all our intention is to testify of our change and the epiphany that brought us from our past to where we are, in our present. To educate all that are “so led” to hear the things that the Creator has instructed us to teach. Present facts that are no longer, or maybe never have been widely known. Why? Because these facts unequivocally do impact the validity of modern man’s systems of belief. Lastly, it’s our hope that individuals through our obedience to the Christ, become enlightened by the truth, through facts, and through the record of what has actually occurred. Leading to a personal walk, and observance of said truths, that result in effective change and actual natural, as well as spiritual deliverance.

1) Not attempting to change anyone who is not open to, or have a burden for change.
2) Not attempting to establish a new “spiritual movement” to take the credit for, or a new denomination. We definitely have made a concerted effort to move away from man-made dogmatic institutions, that can not be found evident in the purposed mobility of the Christ, during His season in which He walked with mankind.
3) We are not a cult. It is easy for individuals to brand you as such, when you don’t fall within the confines of what they “traditionally” identify with.

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.


our staff

Pastor Selara R. Mann, Jr.

Pastor & Chairman of the Executive Steering Committee of Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle and is the founder of Exacting Truth Ministries.

Bishop Selara R. Mann, Sr.

Founder and Senior Pastor Emeritus of C.F.P.T. and Exacting Truth Ministries of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Kimberly R. Davis

Executive Secretary as well as Director of Women’s Fellowship Ministry of Encouragement & Ministry of Digital Media.

Leila P. Brown

Media Director and Host of Exacting Impact Radio Program

Joye Mann

Youth Ministry Director

Mark Davis

Music Director for Christ Fellowship Prayer Tabernacle

Peter Green

Chairman of the Sponsorship Committee & Community Outreach Director

Britney New-Day

Electronic & Digital Arts’ Engineer

What We Do

Programs and Seminars

Wednesday and Saturday services involving innovative and dynamic teaching focused on individual responsibility and empowerment.

Monthly Women’s Gathering designed to foster growth and support for women of all ages through enriched conversation and fellowship in a relaxed atmosphere.

Youth Ministry endeavoring to combine positive activity with youth expression and showcasing of individual talents through the formation of their own band and drama team, self-entitled Satan Has No Dominion. Each month, a single Saturday service is run in its entirety by the Youth Ministry.

Outreach Events

Christmas Concert of Compassion I & II is an innovative concept combining a desire to meet both the spiritual and material needs of the community through a concert event with admission price of a new unwrapped toy to benefit needy families. These two charitable events have developed into "An Evening of Thanks." It is wrapped around the same construct however is held around the universal day for showing gratitude, Thanksgiving.

Promotions & Entertainment

Concerts designed to bring the community together in a multicultural and positive manner without an admission cost.
The Ambassador, Jonathan Dunn, Jason Nelson, Tia Pittman, Dezzie, Jazz-Bassist Mark Walker, along with local artists such as Larry Colbert, G.A.T., The Jones Sisters, Jeremiah Grube, Ricardo White, and others.

Friday Night Live is an inspirational talent showcase series which combines various musical genres, cultures, and even languages to create a one of a kind experience that promotes both hope and education of diversity and allows freedom of expression for local artists of all ages.